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Ergonomic Lift Assists- Manipulators page/gallery

Welcome to the BARNES & ASSOCIATES manipulators webpage. Manipulators do more than just your standard hoist or lift assist. They can rotate, spin, and flip your products- among a host of other possibilities a standard lifter will not do. Manipulators are very common in the auto industry- to the effect that the auto industry is one of our largest groups of customers.

However, they also may be that exact solution for multiple manufacturing problems- such as flipping an appliance to fit it into a padded box for shipping, or rotating a barrel to dump it's contents, for example. Manipulators are often times just what the doctor ordered for complicated moves.

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Prime examples [note, images stretch to fit screen]

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Drink Machine Rotator
Side Lifter
Mechanical Grab Tool
Barrel Rotator
Barrel Gripper-Vacuum
Barrel Twist
Custom Automotive Dash Handler