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Ergonomic Vacuum Lift Assists

Microlex series

Ball Bearings
Car Hoods
Zinc lifter
Dunnage Lifter

Vaculex series

Car Hoods
Vacuum Keg Lifter
Glass Panels/ Windows
Plexi Glass/ Sheets

About Our Vacuum Lift Assists

If speed is the need, then you want a Vacuum Lifter!!

Along with our turn-key solutions, we sell vacuum lifters individually if desired. A vacuum lifter is an absolute asset to most manufacturing facilities. They make the employee's jobs better by taking out the heavy and repetitive strain most of them would normally face. The lifters themselves are top quality by PIAB, and we have both stock or customized end effectors.
An end effector is the part of the lifter that is connecting to the item being lifted. As pictured above, many different objects are being lifted by our ergonomic vacuum lifters. The Microlex lifters are near identical- except for weight class and the end effector being used.

  • We have specialized solely in Ergonomic Handling Equipment for over 40 years and apply these disciplines to your application.

  • We specify, coordinate, integrate and train workers for your project, putting our many years of knowledge and expertise in Ergonomics to your advantage.

  • Our Partners and Suppliers are Dedicated Professionals with many years of expertise in their field. Our Equipment meets or exceeds OSHA Standards that fall under the General Duty Clause and the proposed NIOSH lifting guidelines developed for OSHA Standards.
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